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American Cheese


Did you enjoy your lightly salted napkin?

Please indulge yourself in the complimentary dessert mint,

made for you with the same chemicals bringing us:

lighter fluid,

breast implants,

and American cheese (made in China).


Don't forget to drink up

your lightly salted butter

-now made with the same plastic used to pay for this meal

and, of course, your plastic surgery.


The bar is now open,

don't you like the way it burns as it goes down?

Feel free to tip the waitress--

she is just as thirsty as you are.

Her doctors await her next check up.

They will find what pill she needs,

but not the cure to the ingested gasoline.


Did you enjoy your lightly salted napkin?

Donít forget to wipe your face after each meal,

it is covered in American cheese.


I will adapt.

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