1. The First
  2. Fading into Dissonance
  3. A New Dawn
  4. Photonic Particle Waves
  5. Revolution 2012
  6. Dragon's Luck (Single)
  7. A Convex Mirror into the Past EP
  8. Wishing for Entropy
  9. Base 2 EP
  10. oobe
  11. Chopin's Song (Single)
  12. Winds of Change

Works in Progress:
Live and Friendly
Fluidic Sound

I have been composing music since I the summer after Sophomore year in high school. Within about 2 years I was able to compose and improv almost 200 songs. Sure, a lot of them were flops but even "dud" songs have led to doors I have opened later on in musical endeavors. Of course, now I have 8 complete albums with many other completed songs along the way. Music production has slowed in college due to increased work load and, well, work, but it hasn't stopped.

The genres I have let my music flow into range from rock to metal, classical, jazz, techno to trance, ambient to experimental and many fusions in between and outside of. Every new album is a progression in talent, as well as perspective. My main goal in music is to incorporate mathematical ideas and to use a wide range of sounds and synths. Aside from some of the main instruments, like piano, Every new song is an adventure into new ways to represent a beautiful combination of square, triangle, sawtooth, and sine waves.

Along my musical career, I have been able to collaborate with other artists, and even be a part of other artistic communities. I have produced a song for S.L. Rottman's Dragon's Luck video trailer and have gotten accepted into Colorado School of Mines' High Grade production. The fame stops there, but even among the forces of internet I have gotten some publicity and praise on sites such as Tindeck, Youtube, and ATS.

You can download a lot of my songs here, for free:

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