Blue Rubidium
PhysicsAdept (A Convex Mirror into the Past)

A revisit I did on "Red Rubidium" that is one of my most popular songs.

Chopin's Song
(Chopin's Song-- Single)

Initially, this was just a project for class… turned out nicely.

Fluidic Stagnation (feat. Scottyman)
(Live and Friendly)

My uncle helped me on this as well as a friend. Friend did lyrics, uncle did guitar, and I did the rest. This is actually my only song with lyrics and vocals.

Justice for the People (Acoustic)
(Live and Friendly)

Another remake, but with my own acoustic djembe drum instead of MIDI programmed ones. Check out the original as well though.

Wise Man
(Live and Friendly)

One of my proudest songs. I have lyrics for it, but have yet found courage enough to sing this song.

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