Of High Degree Polynomial
PhysicsAdept (New)

Just something new I whipped up. Got a new Oxygen49 used at Guitar Center for cheap, so I am working on a few projects that might have some worth. This song needs some cleaning up, and it might go in a different direction soon, at least after the break in the middle. But for now, this is at least a good draft.

Poor Man Margarita
PhysicsAdept (New)

I actually want to rename this one Poor Man Martini.

Spa on the Sunspot
PhysicsAdept (New)

I'm pretty happy with this one. I love the sudden changes this one has. I might do some touch ups to this before it is put up for download, but here it is. Enjoy this one!

Discovering Eigenspace
PhysicsAdept (New)

Driven, determined, dynamic, find yourself searching for eigenspace in this movement, that sounds like it belongs as a soundtrack to a quest in a space unknown.

Linear Eclipse
PhysicsAdept (New)

Lovin' this one. Trying to get as many different music angles as I can on this new album. This one is pretty diverse--drum and bass with a hint of earthly cultural influence.

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